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December 2, 2015

Just in Time for Christmas: The Postconciliar Neo-Catholic Trivia Challenge

Written by  M.T. Church
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"It really is fantastic fun!" "It really is fantastic fun!"

Coming Soon to a Parish Community Near You!

In the Vatican's continuing efforts to reeducate, indoctrinate and re-program Catholics of all ages, Vatican spokesperson Father Freddy Lumbago has proudly announced an exciting new fun game to be released just in time for Christmas gift-giving. The game, appropriately called the Postconciliar Neo-Catholic Trivia Challenge, consists of 1,500 questions divided into various categories including Newchurch Catechism, Novus Ordo Novelties, Church History: Fact or Fiction, Diluted Doctrine and Bible Babble.

Consisting of 300 playing cards with five questions on each card, this exhilarating exercise can be played by 2 or more persons singly or in groups. Just flip the card and discover if you have scored points with the correct answer or reveal yourself to be behind the times with an incorrect obsolete response. Get to know your family. Get to know what your friends and neighbors think of the New World Order Church. Are they hip, cool, in the groove, humble neo-Catholics or are they stubborn, antiquated, inflexible, diehard, judgmental restorationists?

Remember, in order to score high points, you must think outside the box. For example, when you are asked to list the liturgical colors, did your answer include "rainbow"? Who was the second Pope after Peter? Did you say Pope Linus or Pope St. John XXIII? The answer may surprise you. How many sacraments are there? Is Holy Matrimony still a sacrament as defined by the Catholic Church of old? Was Mary the Mother of God or the mother of Jesus who claimed to be God? Does the Trinity include "Mother Earth"? These are only a sampling of the intriguing thought- provoking questions designed to make the players second guess the faith they thought they knew.

For added excitement, there are a few "trick" questions. For example: What is the mission of the Postconciliar Neo-Catholic Church? a) climate change awareness b) ecology/environmental issues c) the salvation of souls d) to feed the poor. Remember--don't be hasty. We are looking for a New World Order Church response. There are several questions regarding a certain Traditional Catholic priestly society not fully in communion with Rome. The consultant for these responses was Michael Borish of Church Militia TV. He seems to know more about this matter than the Pope!  

To say more would ruin the fun. Once you see the game and learn how much fun you can have with your family and friends, you will be sure to put this on your "must-haves" for Christmas gift-giving. Also, don't forget RCIA groups, religious education classes and Parish Council meetings. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some endorsements from popular neo-catholic personalities who had an opportunity to preview and play the game:

Michael Borish (Catholic Militia TV): "If the Pope likes it, I like it because he is always right!"

Timothy Cardinal Bravo of New York: "Bravo, Bravo! God bless ya!!"

Sister Gaylee VanDyke of LCWR: "Sister Minnie Brayne and I play this for hours in the luxurious bus lounge as we travel the states in search of poor people. What a fun way to learn the tenets of New Church!!"

Cardinal Kasper Ghostly of Germany: "Heil!"

Donny Cardinal Whirl of Washington, DC: "The last time I laughed so hard was when I was watching reruns of The Three Stooges, my favorite show!"

Ima Cardinal Hairatik: "This enlightening game was a fun way to pass the hours as my dear companions and I waited for the wonderful rainbow colored sunset at my vacation villa on Bora Bora."

Southern Poverty Flawed Center: "In the spirit of brotherly love, we sent this game to Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant Newspaper. He promptly returned it to us with this note: 'Thank you for your thoughtfulness. However, my family and I really enjoy Catholic Trivia-Traditional Version by Angelus Press. Why don't you give it a try. Thank you again for your kindness. God bless you.' This nasty judgmental response proves that Mr. Matt belongs to a Hate group!"

Post-conciliar Neo-Catholic Trivia Challenge is available at the following website:

Order Yours Now!!

(All proceeds will go to feeding thousands of homeless who were invited to take up residence in the Sistine Chapel.)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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